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Innovative Through-the-Wall System
  KOOLJET - Blast-Freezing and Cold-Storage Room Cooling Systems - Plug & Play      

Cold-Storage for fruits and vegetables must include precise and deep control over temperature, humidity, gas exchange and tissue respiration rates.

DUAL-KOOL technology combines independant refrigeration circuits using high-quality interleaved coils. This approach provides superior energy efficiency when only one compressor is required as harvest temperatures are pulled down. Dual-Kool saves energy every day for farmers.

NEW White-paper explores Packaged versus Split Refrigeration Systems for Agricultural Cooling.


Blast-Freezing System Designs
During blast freezing, to effect complete product freezing and avoid localized freezing damage, the air movement is kept much higher and the amount of heat to be rejected must be accomplished in a short amount of time. Refrigeration designs must be complemented and supported by the air handlers inside the space. At KOOLJET, special coils from our coil partner Direct Coil, and specialty fans designed specifically for ultra-low temeparture operation are optimized for this critical processing step.

KOOLJET - Superior By Design - Highly Reliable and Easily Serviceable.

  • Plug N Play - Arrives Factory Charged, Tested and Calibrated. Ready to install and cool!
  • Dual-Kool Technology - two independant interleaved circuits. Time initiated and temperature terminated.
  • Two-stage electronic temperature controller.
  • Rust-proof frame with Stainless-Steel drain pan.
  • Low-Noise High-Efficiency Fans Engineered for Superior Air Distribution with low energy
  • Scroll compressors with Low GWP Refrigerants
  • Factory installed Non-Fused Disconnect Switch - Saves required field installation costs.
  • NEMA Rated Electrical Control panel
  • All electrical system designs and manufacturing are Approved per UL/CSA Standards
  • Easy-access removable service panels
  • Electronic High Pressure cut-off switch
  • Tamper- Proof Low pressure control
  • Non return valve in discharge line
  • Shut off valves in the liquid line for serviceability
  • Refrigerant Pump Down Cycle for Serviceability
  • Built-in Fork Lift Channels, Mounting & Lifting Tabs
  • Liquid line solenoid valve for sure operation
  • Schrader valves on all pipelines for serviceability
  • Universal drain fitting. Large 1-1/2” Drain hole

Available Options

  • EC Motors
  • Corrosion protection: alternate fin materials and coatings are available for long-term coil life
  • Special coil and tube designs for using a variety of refrigerants, DowTherm and glycols.

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Download KOOLJET Farm Products Brochure

Download KOOLJET Products Brochure




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