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Freezer/Blast Freezers

The Facility picture is a 64,000 sq.ft. Freezer building built in 2003.  It operates as a refrigerated warehousing facility and distribution center for a variety of frozen vegetables.
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Temperature Adjustment

Freezer systems maintain a working temperature of -4F (-20C). If necessary, the building temperature can be lowered to -22F (-30C).

Rapid Freezing

Blast Freezers are designed for a rapid freezing of product. Rapid Freezing helps prevent bacteria build-up in food produce.

Independent Circuits

Systems are manufactured with our exclusive KoolJet Technology. This design feature means each system is equipped with two independent refrigeration circuits, providing greater Reliability and Operating cost Efficiency

HMI Controls

Freezer systems can be controlled by a computer panel centrally located in the facility as well as from remote locations.

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