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Portable Coolers/Freezers

The most widely accepted method for maintaining quality and prolonging shelf-life, is to remove the “field heat” as quickly as possible after harvesting the produce. Modern facilities accomplish this at the farm, with onsite refrigeration.

Strawberries and asparagus, for example, should be cooled within two hours of picking to maintain the freshness that retailers and their customers have come to expect.
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Container Cooling

KoolJet Refrigeration Systems has developed an economical “Container Cooling System” solution for just such a requirement. Using a de-commissioned ocean going freezer container, modified with a Refrigeration System, the grower has an instant walk-in cooler… that just happens to be portable. The container is lined with stainless steel on the inside for easy wash down, is well insulated and completely weather proof.

Tax Benefits

The portability of these container coolers offers an additional and rather unique benefit. Portable “buildings” are not assessable for property tax.

Higher Capacity

Using a higher capacity Freezer System, a “Portable Container Freezer Unit” is created, providing rapid freezing of farm produce, meat and poultry.

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