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Tunnel Cooling

See the image to the left, this is an diagram of how our Tunnel Cooling operates.  As an example, asparagus cooling requires aggressive temperature drops, which can be accomplished with a tunnel-cooling setup such as this.
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Tender Fruits

Tunnel-cooling is effective with other “tender fruit” crops, including strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, green beans, okra, green leeks, etc. This particular installation will have a dual function, where it will be used for cooling cucumbers in the fall season.

Creating a “Tunnel”

For example: Asparagus bins are lined up on both sides of the opening at the end of the room. With the tarp draped over them, the fan above the opening will draw the cold air through the bins, rapidly cooling the asparagus and maintaining product integrity

Cold Room Storage

The “COLD ROOM” is 60 feet x 40 feet x 18 feet high. The KOOLJET System may appear large in the room, but this level of cooling capacity is necessary for the rapid cooling process. KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems designed this facility to take the asparagus from a field temperature of approximately 80 degrees F down to 36 degrees F in 90 to 120 minutes. As well, the room is equipped with a humidification system to maintain 98+% humidity, which will minimize any product dehydration.


mr_fog_01The Mister Fog is a simple design utilizing a high pressure water system. The water is pumped through high pressure lines to a series of nozzles located in the area the humidity is required.

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