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Pat Occhicone
President & CEO
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JD Wasir P.Eng
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Neil Gullage
Design Manager
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KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems designs and manufactures an exceptional line of state-of-the-art refrigeration systems. Our Corporate Goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction, while maintaining the necessary flexibility to manage a wide variety of cooling and freezing applications. The core success of KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems is our unique one-piece design, which maximizes cooling efficiency and minimizes complicated installation problems.
KOOLJET employs a customer focused approach to ensure you receive the best cooling equipment solution for your specific requirements. The first step is to have a skilled member of the KOOLJET team study the details of your environment. This assessment will include a variety of factors which include:

  • Building Design
  • Insulation Level of Building
  • Product(s) to be cooled
  • How Rapidly Cooling Must Occur
  • Desired Temperature(s) in the Facility
  • Typical Ambient Conditions
  • Any additional factors that may Influence Your Cooling Requirements

This information is provided to the KOOLJET Engineering Department, who will design a specific system to correctly match your needs. Factors determined at this point include:

  • Unit Design/Style
  • Unit Size
  • Compressor Type and Capacity
  • Potential Unique Component Material Requirements

Let us design a KOOLJET Refrigeration System for you.

The History Of Kool Jet – KOOLJET Inc was formed as a result of market surveys done by Gene Stampfer. The surveys showed that there was a need for a simple, cost-effective refrigeration system for the agricultural market place. Stampfer was fortunate to meet a highly qualified refrigeration engineer in the person of J.D. Wasir. They collaborated, and the result was the birth of the KOOLJET REFRIGERATION SYSTEM. The concept caught on very quickly and customers were happy with the results. The one-piece, through-the-wall design was a hit due to the fact that there is no on-site assembly needed. The KOOLJET design saves the customers thousands of dollars in installation costs associated with conventional refrigeration systems. The Dual-Kool Technology and the reliability built into each KOOLJET has also contributed greatly to its success.

Production of KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems is rapidly increasing, requiring the Company to expand it’s operations. Satisfied KOOLJET customers are located in Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Maine, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Michigan. KOOLJET Inc. designs and manufactures specialized refrigeration systems for fruits and vegetables,for meat and poultry and the dairy industry. The Company custom designs systems for blast freezers, freezers, chillers, vacuum coolers and tunnel cooling systems.

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