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Service Information

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems establishes a local qualified service company to maintain the system during the warranty period. This method establishes a local working relationship between the customer and their refrigeration service person, which will be of additional benefit to both parties once the system is no longer in the warranty period.

Warranty Information

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems come with a comprehensive 1 year parts only warranty, covering all components and workmanship. Each system is completely tested at the factory and again upon installation, to ensure proper operation.

Extended Warranty Programs

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems have been proving their reliability in the field for several years. We are now pleased to offer our customers extended warranty programs.

To be eligible for an extended warranty, an authorized KOOLJET Service Technician will be sent to your location for an annual inspection of your system. The Technician will ensure the system is in proper operating condition per KOOLJET standards and adjust or replace parts as necessary. The warranty extension will then be in effect

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