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Commercial Refrigeration & Agricultural Cooling Systems

KOOLJET designs and manufactures proven Custom Refrigeration Systems for Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial applications. Located in Brantford, Ontario, and serving clients worldwide, we offer innovative, energy-efficient packaged and split refrigeration systems custom-designed to solve the cooling and freezing needs of farms, food processors, wineries, medical facilities and more. KOOLJET has earned the reputation as Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables. From the farm to the factory, your success story starts with KOOLJET.

Custom Refrigeration Systems

CO2 Transcritical Packaged Refrigeration Systems

CO2 Packaged Refrigeration Unit

KOOLJET innovation is minimizing climate change potential! Introducing CO2 Packaged Systems; HFC-free refrigeration with a safe, natural and inexpensive refrigerant and almost zero GWP. See more

Rooftop Air Handling Systems

Rooftop Air Handling Unit

Engineered for superior value for Big-Box Stores, KOOLJET Rooftop Systems are The Complete Solution for correct temperature, humidity and air-movement for large retailers and cold-storage warehouses. See more

Beverage Room Cooling Systems

KOOLJET has developed a special expertise and repeat customers using our rooftop mounted beverage room coolers. Wines, beers and other beverages are kept at the optimum temperature and protected from humidity or freezing damage. Automatically. Beverage Storage has never been easier. See more

Custom Process Refrigeration Systems

From agriculture to deep-frozen fish, from medical to metals, from chemicals to breweries and dairies. KOOLJET is a Complete Solution. We can handle your most ambitious custom refrigeration requirements down to MINUS 76°F!! See more

Medical Process Chiller

Medical & Process Chillers

KOOLJET can provide custom process chilling solutions for:

  • Medical
  • Wineries
  • Process Chillers
  • Plastics
  • Food Processing
  • Cold-Storage
  • Dairy & Cheese
  • Glycol Systems
  • Wineries, Breweries & Distilleries
  • Agriculture
  • Deep Freezing
  • Industrial
  • Chemicals
  • Ice-Rinks

Controlled Growing Environments

Similar to CA Cold-Storage, a Controlled Growing Environment, CGE, adds the ingredients of light and shade cycles, irrigation and nutrition to temperature, heating, humidity and gas-exchange. Properly engineered, CGE systems use no soil and up to 95% less irrigation water in a footprint that supports very high yeilds, no pests, and assured harvests. See more

KOOLJET In-the-Duct Cooling System

In-the-DUCT Cooling Systems

Install our In-the-DUCT Cooling Unit in the return air duct and forget it!

Wine Beverage Cooling

Features & Benefits

KOOLJET systems are designed with FREE COOLING when the outside ambient temperature permits, automatic rapid dehumification, dual interleaved circuits for both energy efficiency and redundancy (DUAL-KOOL Technology), leak-free thermal break panels, easy-access for service, stainless steel drip pan, reliable PLC controller, efficient variable-speed fan and coils designed to prevent condensation conditions inside the storage space. See all Features & Benefits

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Cooling & Freezing Solutions for Farmers & Processors

We work with growers and processors large and small around Vegetables, Fruits, Herbs, Flowers, Meats and Fish and other commodities. We provide excellent quality PRE-COOLING and COLD-STORAGE solutions including CA Systems.

Factors such as deeper set-points in high humidity, wide capacity range for harvest and holding, massive air movement and DUAL-KOOL with FREE-COOLING technologies differentiate KOOLJET from others by delivering solutions that affect the produce quality, yield, appearance, nutrition and production profits.

Frozen Commodity Cooling

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