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KOOLJET XT 300 Through-the-wall Agricultural Cooling Unit
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KOOLJET Through-The-Wall Agricultural Refrigeration System Fan

Through-the-WALL Cold-Storage Room Cooling Systems – Plug & Play

Through-the-WALL Packaged Refrigeration System for Agriculture

Through-the-WALL Packaged Systems are available from a few tons for small spaces to more than 50 compressor HP per unit for larger cooling requirements.

  • Different configurations depending on your particular cold-storage room needs.
  • Low-ambient option allows operation down to minus 20°F outdoor temperature.
  • FREE COOLING option includes automatically controlled damper to allow outdoor air to provide cold-room cooling.
  • Automatic air or hot gas rapid defrost modes are available depending on customer needs.
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Easy Installation:

  1. Cut opening in the wall
  2. Mount unit in the opening
  3. Seal side gaps
  4. Connect electrically

Ready to KOOL!

Packaged Through-the-WALL unit being installed
Through-the-WALL unit for Fruit Cold Storage

Fruit & Vegetable Cooling

Cold-Storage for fruits and vegetables must include precise and deep control over temperature, humidity, gas exchange and tissue respiration rates.

Through-the-WALL packaged refrigeration - inside

Superior Energy Efficiency

DUAL-KOOL Technology combines independant refrigeration circuits using high-quality interleaved coils. This approach provides superior energy efficiency when only one compressor is required as harvest temperatures are pulled down. DUAL-KOOL SAVES ENERGY every day for farmers. Learn more

Dual Refrigeration Coils for Superior Energy Efficiency

Through-the-WALL packaged refrigeration unit for agriculture

Built for Agricultural-Duty Cooling

Through-the-WALL unit with superior cold air distribution

Reliable refrigeration systems include premium fan assemblies for superior cold air distribution

Through-the-WALL Packaged Refrigeration Configurations

For more information about KOOLJET Through-the-WALL Packaged Refrigeration Systems, please contact us or complete a request form.

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