Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged refrigeration systems custom designed for your application! KOOLJET plug and play one-piece systems come factory charged, tested and ready to install. Just put in place and hook up the electrical – it’s easy and ready to cool!

KOOLJET packaged refrigeration systems are simple, reliable and cost-effective. Our DUAL-KOOL Technology with optional FREE COOLING maximize cooling efficiency, and our built-in features ensure years of service and easy maintenance.

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Packaged Through-the-WALL Refrigeration System

Through-the-WALL Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged Through-the-DOOR Refrigeration System

Through-the-DOOR Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged Roof Top Refrigeration System

Roof Top Units

CO2 Transcritical Packaged Refrigeration System

CO2 Transcritical Packaged Refrigeration Systems

Packaged Greenhouse Refrigeration System

Greenhouse Coolers

Kooljet Reliable Refrigeration Systems

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems

Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

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