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Through-the-DOOR Packaged Cooling Systems

After the harvest is over your loading doors are closed and some are rarely opened. Why not take great advantage of the access, the concrete pad and overhead door to add a significant amount of cooling to your present systems with KOOLJET Through-the-DOOR packaged refrigeration. Quick and easy install.

Unitized quality construction makes it easy to move around with a fork lift. The design also reduces the amount of refrigerant and piping. High performance long throw fans with engineered venturis provide excellent cold air distribution.

Simply place the KOOLJET unit, connect it to power and cool your produce or work space.

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Through-the-door Agricultural Grade Cooling by KOOLJET

KOOLJET Through-the-DOOR models provide easy Agricultural Grade cooling.

Through-the-DOOR Agricultural Cooling System by KOOLJET

KOOLJET Through-the-DOOR cooling systems are simply great for Potato Storage.

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Through-the-door refrigeration in barn door on farm

For almost 17-years KOOLJET has developed expertise and respect among farmers, food processors and beverage companies in North America and beyond. We KNOW agricultural, fruit, flower and herb cooling like few others and offer the equipment designed to properly cool, freeze and preserve perishables for maximum weight, appearance and nutrition.

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