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Winery & Beverage Room Cooling Systems

Winery Cooling Systems – Multiple Batch Wine Systems

KOOLJET designs and builds a wide variety of Wine Chillers for cooling tanks in small estate wineries as well as large commercial wineries. We also design manifold piping systems for the coolant to chill several wine tanks at different intervals. The fermentation process can be stopped at any desired temperature when a mixture of glycol and water is used as the coolant solution.

Wine Chiller

Wine Chiller Systems can also be used for cold stabilization. Excellent energy efficiency is designed into KOOLJET Chillers, with our DUAL-KOOL Technology. This means KOOLJET systems are built with two independent but interlaced refrigeration circuits employing two compressors. When maximum cooling is required, both circuits operate.When the target temperature is reached, one circuit automatically shuts down, saving up to 40% on electricity usage. Also, the brazed plate heat exchangers used by KOOLJET are the most efficient method of chilling the water/glycol coolant, thereby saving energy.

Beverage Room Cooling Systems

KOOLJET Beverage Room Cooling Systems include automatic FREE-COOLING and Dehumidification.

KOOLJET Rooftop Beverage Room Cooling System

Custom Rooftop Refrigeration System for a winery with several set points and programmed operations. Learn more about Through-the-ROOF systems

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