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KOOLJET Rooftop Refrigeration, Air Handling Units & Air-Conditioning Systems are designed for controlled temperature and humidity in big-box stores or large cold-storage facilities with perishables.

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Through-the-ROOF Refrigeration Unit by KOOLJET

KOOLJET Roof Mounted Cooling System

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Rooftop Refrigeration Units installed

Innovative Energy-Efficient Design

Cooling can be energy intensive, but KOOLJET DUAL-KOOL Technology substantially improves energy usage by having two independent refrigeration circuits in interleaved coils. This technique greatly improves coil effectiveness at part load. Further, we offer automatic FREE COOLING when ambient temperature permits.

Engineered Features & Customer Benefits

Fan assemblies have venturis and special blades designed for improved air movement in cold rooms.

Easy access to all components with secure panel latches.

Stainless-steel drip pan assures years of easy cleanability and smooth operation in any environment.

Dual interleaved circuits save energy and provide redundancy. Includes rapid hot-gas-defrost

Close tolerances and high-quality panels and doors with rubber seals assure leak-free cooling.

Thermal break panels have insulating foam-in-place construction and are fully weather sealed.

Dehumidification coils remove moisture and then reheat the air as required for the space.

Automatic FREE-COOLING with ambient sensors and motorized damper provide energy savings.

PLC Controller provides outstanding reliability, functions and response for flawless cold-room operation.

High static variable speed fan and generous plenum provide excellent cold air movement

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