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Through-the-WALL Agricultural Cooling Unit
Innovative Through-the-WALL Cooling System
Air Flow is vital to growing orchids

Floral & Herbal Cooling

Cooling Flowers, Herbs and Orchids

Cooling of Floral & Herbal products requires more attention to capacity and humidity levels and their consistency, whether in the live greenhouse or harvested processing and storage areas. Flowers freshly harvested must be cooled quickly because its source of nutrients and water has been cut off and rapid cooling becomes the key to extended time in the vase.

Vacuum Cooling and especially Tunnel Cooling are preferred approaches for pre-cooling of most varieties.

It is also more important provide heating, drying and humidification/dehumidification in floral growing and storage areas.

Air Flow is Vital for Floral & Herbal Cooling

It is also very important to provide adequate air flow around and through the plants at humidity levels that avoid fungus. This often requires the use of a higher quantity of properly placed air distribution sources than fewer units that cannot adequately serve plant needs. Air socks attached to the discharge of the KOOLJET systems have also been successully used inside of growing environments.

Germination Room

The germination room is kept at careful control of temperature set-point and humidity levels.

Engineered Greenhouse & Indoor Growing Environments

GREENHOUSE and INDOOR growing environments
each require their own engineered approaches.

Wall mounted cooling system for indoor growing environments
Herbs growing in a greenhouse
Greenhouse Cooler

Greenhouse Coolers are suitable where walls will not support Through-the-WALL models.

Greenhouse Cooler

Through-the-DOOR models provide an easy way to simply use a loading door.

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