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Company Profile

KOOLJET Inc. was formed in Canada in 2001 to supply specialized refrigeration systems to the related market. A need for a compact, one-piece packaged refrigeration system was realized that could be easily installed and maintained.

Existing conventional refrigeration designs required the services of refrigeration technicians at the installation site to do the piping and set up of the condenser and evaporator portions of the refrigeration units.

We concluded that this expensive installation cost could be eliminated by designing a one-piece or mono-block style of refrigeration systems and finally designed and built a packaged refrigeration system, which can be easily installed at the client’s location, without the necessity of refrigeration technicians.

The concept of one-piece refrigeration system caught on very quickly due to the fact that there is no on-site assembly needed, the design saves the customers thousands of dollars in installation costs associated with conventional refrigeration systems. The DUAL-KOOL Technology and the reliability built into each KOOLJET have also contributed greatly to its success. KOOLJET systems are simple, cost-effective which maximizes cooling efficiency and minimizes complicated installation problems.

This allows the refrigeration system to be completely built and fully tested in the factory before shipment. When the unit arrives at the installation site, it only has to be hoisted into position, the electrics connected, and it is ready to cool!

KOOLJET produces many variations of the basic one-piece design, thereby adapting the refrigeration systems to cooling many types of agricultural and other related products.

Although the first designs were used for cooling potatoes, KOOLJET has now branched out and our refrigeration systems are operating in agricultural, commercial, and industrial sectors.

KOOLJET Reliable Refrigeration Systems are designed and manufactured for world markets. Temperatures, commodity to be cooled, product load, cold storage specifications, and electrical supply in the client country, are all taken into account during the application design stage.

Many KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems are in operation in Canada, United States, P. R. China, Singapore, and Panama. We are actively pursuing business in India, Tunisia, Argentina, and Mexico, as well as other countries.

Our Clients

Here are just a few KOOLJET clients.

Pratt & Whitney
Sun Rich
Rouge River Farms
Pelee Island Winery
Cavendish Farms
Burnbrae Farms

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