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In-the-Duct Return Air Cooling System for CGE
Plants in a Controlled Growing Environment

Controlled Growing Environments (CGE)

Controlled Growing Environments

The extensive KOOLJET expertise in the control of temperature, humidity, gas exchange and air movement for agriculture combines with leading edge environmental technologies for highly successful growing and storage of fruits, vegetables, herbs and other commodities. Our outstanding reputation with leading farmers and multi-national producers has resulted in KOOLJET being brought in to engineer the next generation Controlled Growing Environments.

Greenhouse & Warehouse Growing

The trend is towards utilizing high-density growing techniques in the perfect environment for the particular commodity and stage of maturity. This provides a natural setting for KOOLJET to provide leading-edge solutions using specialized cooling and heating equipment, sensors and software to provide the precise and deep control over temperature, humidity, gas exchange and levels, and living tissue respiration rates.

Happy plants growing in CGE greenhouse

KOOLJET maintains proper control over Temperature, Humidity, and Gas Exchange so commodities are HAPPY!

CGE System Installed
Warehouse Growing with CGE
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Total Growing Environment Control – A New Generation of Farming is Emerging

Growing environments add the ingredients of light and shade cycles, irrigation and nutrition to temperature, humidity and gas-exchange. Properly engineered, CGE systems use no soil and up to 95% less irrigation water in a footprint that supports very high yeilds, no pests, and assured harvests. CGE involves different settings over the plant’s life and evoked flowering responses, and must be settable for each commodity and growing room. New innovations such as High-Density, Vertical-Farming, Integrated Living Space City Farming, and Robotic Farming combined with engineering around plant physiology promises to usher in a productive age in food production and availability. KOOLJET does not build greenhouses or construct indoor growing facilities, but we are poised with experience, relevant technologies and strategic alliances to provide and integrate zoned environmental cooling, humidity and gas exchange while coordinating operation with related technologies.

Our team of professionals include engineers with mechanical, hydronic, cooling, coil designs, UL electrical, enterprise software and plant sciences expertise. The team includes a certified agronomist with extensive experience in designing, setting up and operating high-density hydroponic growing operations in real settings around the world. As an expert in Hydronic Irrigation Systems and Ram-Pumps he helps farmers to acheive water usage control that complements KOOLJET’s technologies for highly effective and energy efficient growing. The KOOLJET approach, our team, and our proven design expertise assures ultimate success for customers and the commodities they grow.

From Orchids to Mushrooms to Cannibis and More. Partnering with KOOLJET is your success formula.

  • Irrigation Delivery and Sequencing, Automatic and Manual Options
  • Staged and Dedicated-Area Nutrient Delivery Systems
  • Fertilization Delivery Systems
  • Refrigeration, Heating, Free-Cooling and Heat-Recovery
  • Filtration, Pumping and Water Treatment Systems
  • FREE-Cooling and Low Energy Cooling/Heating Modes
  • Commodity-Tuned LED Lighting Cycle Control
    Shade Cycle Control for Flowering – Dedicated Area Options
  • Storage Temperature Pull-Down Profile Mode
  • Scroll, Screw, or Highly-Efficient Magnetic -VSD Refrigeration
  • Future – RFID Wireless Data Acquisition and BlockChain Smart-Contract System


Controlled Growing Environment for Orchids
CGE Germination Room
Packaged Greenhouse Cooling System

KOOLJET Greenhouse Cooling Systems are a simple packaged approach to obtain excellent critical temperature control and air movement for many growing operations.

Contact us for more information about KOOLJET Controlled Growing Environments.

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