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Tunnel Coolers – For Effective Field Heat Removal

Tunnel Coolers – Effective for Removing Field Heat

Tunnel coolers essentially pull chilled air into a room and suck it directly across warm produce by forcing the air to travel in a tunnel and between the produce bins into a plenum area where the intake fans reside. Walls are built to channel the air flow. At times farms will further direct the cold air using tarps.

KOOLJET has developed expertise among farmers, food processors and beverage companies. We KNOW agricultural, fruit, flower and herb cooling like few others and offer the equipment designed to properly cool, freeze and preserve perishables for maximum weight, appearance and nutrition. Learn more

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Tunnel Cooling, Blast Air Cooling and Hydrocooling are the three preferred cooling methods for many farms.

KOOLJET Hydrocooler

Hydrocoolers are also effective for removing heat from fresh produce.

Contact us about your Field-Heat Removal needs and for more info about KOOLJET Tunnel Cooling Systems.

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