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DUAL-KOOL Energy Efficient Refrigeration Coil Design

DUAL-KOOL Technology

DUAL-KOOL Technology provides superior energy efficiency offering big energy savings and significantly reducing cooling costs. KOOLJET innovation saves farmers, producers and processors money, every day.

How DUAL-KOOL Technology Works

Cooling of agricultural products can be energy intensive, especially during harvest when field-heat and building transmissive heat is the highest. Afterwards the plant respiration heat and total heat load is reduced significantly, near or below the nominal capacity of just one of the compressors. The ability to stage off a compressor is a huge energy savings over single circuit approaches.

Dual interleaved circuits save energy

Dual interleaved circuits save energy and provide redundancy. Includes rapid hot gas defrost.

Dehumidification Coils

Dehumidification coils remove moisture and reheat the air as required for the space.

Interleaved Coil Circuits Increase Energy Efficiency

KOOLJET innovations substantially improve energy conservation while still meeting the demands of agricultural duty cooling by having two independent refrigeration circuits in interleaved evaporator and condenser coils.

Closer “Approach” with Redundancy

This technique greatly improves coil effectiveness and its “approach temperature” at part load because all of the coil surface from two compressors is still available to the one operating compressor. This improves the energy efficiency of the operating circuit, while still retaining the two-circuit integrity and redundancy of the KOOLJET system. DUAL-KOOL SAVES ENERGY every day for farmers.

DUAL-KOOL Technology Overview

Energy Efficiency is in the Details

  • KOOLJET automatically stages off one of the two compressors whenever possible, such as once field heat has been removed.
  • KOOLJET uses all of the coil surface to achieve very close approach temperatures and enhanced energy efficiency for the compressor.
  • KOOLJET automatic FREE COOLING uses outdoor air as ambient conditions permit.
  • KOOLJET uses highly efficient hot-gas methods for defrost and reheat.
  • KOOLJET provides a dedicated dehumudification coil and automatic control system.
  • KOOLJET can provide subsystems to add and control humidity to the space as required.

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