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Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling System
Innovative Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling System

Potato Cooling Equipment

Potato Cooling is one of our Specialties

KoolJet has Potato Cooling Equipment serving potato growers and processors around the world. Some believe that KOOLJET systems deliver higher value and potato quality consistently. The reason is simple. KOOLJET provides the extra degree of powerful performance, fresh-air and humidity control through innovative engineering and high-quality manufacturing.

Potatos can degrade in quality beginning immediately upon harvest and your ability to cool them correctly and hold them at temperature is key to best success. Many of our products are designed for the rapid removal of field-heat while others are designed for longer term cold storage.

Tubers may be stored up to a year. In the storage pile, temperature control is the single most important factor for product quality. Respiration, sprouting, water-loss, humidity, surface healing and disease are all greatly influenced by uniform temperature.

Note the USDA data graphic on how much heat is transpired at these holding temperatures. Cooler potatoes last longer is the clear message.

Potato Respiration Chart

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Engineered to be Flexible & Cost-Effective


Our DUAL-KOOL Technology Saves Energy and Provides Redundancy.

Optimum Coil Design Avoids Shrinkage

Controls air velocity across a specially designed coil with minimal temperature difference between the coil temperature and potato pile. This prevents water droplet carry over and condensation on the product while assuring maximum relative humidity. The coil and fan design results in less water loss and higher tuber quality.

Hypoxy-Coated Coils

If sprout-inhibitors are used, KOOLJET can provide Hypoxy-coated coils to avoid aluminum attack by the Inhibitor Chlorides – Protects your investment

Fresh Air Design Flushes Storage Gases

Promotes Healthy Potato Crops Automatically. CO2 sensors can activate motorized fresh-air dampers to assure correct gas-exchange is taking place as tubers cool.

Potato Storage Refrigeration Brochure by KOOLJET

In-the-DUCT Potato Cooling Units

KOOLJET In-the-DUCT potato cooling units fit inside the return-air plenum providing Ultimate Ease of Central Installation.

In-the-DUCT Cooling System

Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling Systems

KOOLJET Through-the-DOOR potato cooling systems are a Flexible Cooling Strategy allowing farmers to simply move the packaged systems to access doors placed around the storage building. These are very effective to give farmers higher flexibility on where to hold and store and to deal with hot areas of the pile.

Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling System - Exterior
Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling System - Interior

For more information about KOOLJET Potato Cooling Systems, please contact us or complete a request form.

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