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Dairy Refrigeration: Falling-Film Dairy Chillers

KOOLJET Falling-Film Dairy Chillers are suitable for cooling large amounts of liquids across a wide temperature range very rapidly. Dairies use our technology to cool warm milk before transferring it to an insulated and often jacketed storage tanks. KOOLJET can provide the refrigeration package, as well as any intermediate heat-transfer and pumping systems with all valves and controls.

Outdoor Falling Film Chiller for Diary

KOOLJET outdoor chiller can include an intermediate plate and frame heat exchanger and pumping system.

The principle of Falling-Film chillers is that cooling to very close approach temperatures can be acheived by allowing the liquid to be cooled to fall down the specially designed double-embossed stainless steel plate packs with refrigerant, glycol or DowTherm inside and the dairy product flowing on the outside. The plates are easily cleaned and can accomodate a wide variety of liquids and viscosities, even with some solids.

KOOLJET can provide Falling-Film plates made from 304-L, 316-L and SMO-254 materials. Others are available on special request. Electro-polishing and high-purity options are also available for specific needs.

Dairy Refrigeration: Product Storage Room Cooling

Energy-efficient Dairy Product Storage Room Cooling is also available. These rooftop models include FREE-COOLING modes, automatic defrost and more.

Energy-Efficient Dairy Cooling Systems

DUAL-KOOL Technology combines independant refrigeration circuits using high-quality interleaved coils. This approach provides superior energy efficiency when only one compressor is required as harvest temperatures are pulled down. DUAL-KOOL saves energy every day for farmers.

KOOLJET is able to flow refrigerants and glycols into falling-film chillers, immersion chilling systems, clamp-on straight or formed plate packs and plate type heat exchangers or various types.

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Food and Dairy Processing and Storage involves a wide range of simple to complex refrigeration approaches that must be tailored to the commodity, geography and customer needs. KOOLJET has expertise from the farm through the largest multi-national processors with designs for pre-cooling, cold-storage and controlled growing and storage environments.

Wine Beverage Cooling

For more information about KOOLJET Falling Film Chillers & Dairy Cooling Systems, please contact us or complete a request form.

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