Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

KOOLJET Features & Customer Benefits

Features based on Years of Experience

KOOLJET features help farmers and food processors effectively and efficiently meet the demands for proper cooling of agricultural and perishable products, preserving harvest and profits. Our custom refrigeration solutions are made for the Cooling & Freezing of Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Herbs, Meats and Fish products – down to Minus 76°F!

Plug & Play Packaged Systems for Easy Installation

Plug and Play iconKOOLJET packaged refrigeration systems feature unitized single-piece construction which saves space, requires less refrigerant and lowers operating costs. Our plug and play packaged systems come factory assembled, charged and tested, making installation a breeze. Learn more

Energy Efficient Features Preserve Your Profits

Energy Efficient IconKOOLJET innovations provide energy efficient features that not only preserve your produce, but your profits too.

DUAL-KOOL Technology

DUAL-KOOL Technology provides the advantages of Dual Circuit Redundancy and Energy Efficiency, saving farmers and processors money, every day. Large Interleaved Coils provide further enhancement to efficiency at part-load. Learn more

Dual Coils for Superior Energy Efficiency


Automatic FREE COOLING is another KOOLJET innovation that saves even more energy. Our FREE COOLING option uses outdoor air for cooling when the ambient temperature permits. Learn more

KOOLJET Features & Benefits

Dedicated Automatic Hot-Gas Defrost System

Automatic Hot-Gas Defrosting is simple and effective, quickly removing frost on the coils with no room warming. Rather than use electric heaters, hot gas is dumped directly into the evaporator, and the rapid defrosting cycle assures consistency to plant tissues.

PLC Control System

PLC Controls provide highly reliable and precise monitoring and control and easier diagnostics compared to analog controls. PLC controls feature colour touch screen user interface (HMI), BACNET or MODBUS communication, remote monitoring/control and are CSA/UL approved.

Automatic Dehumidication System

Automatic Dehumidication assures that proper humidity levels are maintained. Options to add humidity are available.

Outdoor Rated Cabinets

Sturdy Construction & Outdoor Rated Cabinets include high quality thermal-break foam panels with rubber seals to increase energy efficiency and assure leak-free operation.

High-Quality Coils with Dual Circuits

High Quality Coils with Dual Circuits provide  superior part-load energy efficiency as well as redundancy. Learn more

Coils with Available Protective Coating

Protective Coil Coating available for corrosion resistance, 16000hrs salt spray protection, anti-microbial properties and protection from chlorine and ethylene fumes. Our in-house AA Coil Coating is a water-based eco-friendly solution designed to maximize heat transfer rate while protecting the coils.

High-quality Purpose Built Fans for Agriculture

High-quality, high volume, high static, purpose-built fans ensure uniform air distribution and are designed to avoid water carry over. Fan boosters for longer air-flows. Freezer fans are rated for ultra-low temperatures. EC fans used for modulating fan speed.

Automatic FREE-COOLING using Outdoor Air

Automatic FREE COOLING option uses outdoor air when possible saving energy and extending system lifespan. This option includes ambient sensor and motorized damper. Learn more

High-Quality Insulated Access Doors

High-Quality Insulated Easy-Release Access Panels with Positive Lock and Contained Latches with Rubber Seals. Ample quantity and sized access panels for ease of serviceability.

Premium long lasting components

Premium, long lasting components extend service life and provide higher ownership value.

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Kooljet Reliable Refrigeration Systems

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems

Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

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