Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables
KOOLJET XT 300 Through-the-wall Agricultural Cooling Unit
Rooftop Beverage Room Cold Storage Cooling System with FREE-COOLING
Cooling Systems for Agriculture & Processing

Cooling Systems for Agriculture & Processing

KOOLJET Cooling Systems – Superior by Design

KOOLJET Cooling Systems are innovative, very reliable, easily serviceable, easy to install and extremely energy efficient.

Cooling Systems Features

  • Plug n Play – Arrives Factory Charged, Tested and Calibrated. Ready to install and cool!
  • DUAL-KOOL Technology – two independant interleaved circuits. Time initiated and temperature terminated.
  • Two-stage electronic temperature controller.
  • Rust-proof frame with Stainless-Steel drain pan.
  • Low-Noise High-Efficiency Fans Engineered for Superior Air Distribution with low energy
  • Scroll compressors with Low GWP Refrigerants
  • Factory installed Non-Fused Disconnect Switch – saves required field installation costs
  • NEMA Rated Electrical Control panel
  • All electrical system designs and manufacturing are Approved per UL/CSA Standards
  • Easy-access removable service panels
  • Electronic High Pressure cut-off switch
  • Tamper- Proof Low pressure control
  • Non return valve in discharge line
  • Shut off valves in the liquid line for serviceability
  • Refrigerant Pump Down Cycle for Serviceability
  • Built-in Fork Lift Channels, Mounting & Lifting Tabs
  • Liquid line solenoid valve for sure operation
  • Schrader valves on all pipelines for serviceability
  • Universal drain fitting. Large 1-1/2” Drain hole

Cooling Systems Options

  • EC Motors
  • Corrosion protection: alternate fin materials and coatings are available for long-term coil life
  • Special coil and tube designs for using a variety of refrigerants, DowTherm and glycols

Cooling Systems Benefits

  • Powerful & Effective Agricultural Cooling Approaches
  • Easy to install, support and seal
  • Everything is self-contained
  • Less Refrigerant. Less Maintenance.
  • Long-throw fans provide great air distribution.
  • Custom Refrigeration for any customer requirement.
  • Perishable Cooling and Freezing down to Minus 76°F

KOOLJET on the Farm and in the City

Frozen Commodity Cooling

Packaged Cooling Systems

KOOLJET Packaged Through-the-Door Cooling System

MODEL SMA Packaged Through-the-DOOR Cooling System. Simply close the loading door between the two sections.

Unique One-Piece Through-the-DOOR Potato Cooling System

Unique One-Piece Through-the-DOOR Cooling System – Popular with Potato Farmers Worldwide.

One-Piece Through-the-Wall Cooling System
KOOLJET Medical Chiller

Custom Process Refrigeration Systems for Agriculture, Freezing, Medical and Industrial Requirements

KOOLJET XT Packaged Through-the-wall Cooling System

MODEL XT – a popular Packaged Cooling System for Through-the-Wall applications.

Blast-Freezing & Storage Freezers

Blast Freezer Installed
Low Temp Stainless Refrigeration Unit for Blast Freezing & Storage

Custom Refrigeration Packages – Down to Minus 76°F


KOOLJET is a farm’s best defense against loss due to water loss, sellable weight loss, appearance and nutrition loss downstream. UN studies show that more that twice the amount of retail shelf time at the consumer end, in grocery stores and restaurants can be obtained by properly cooling the produce from the field to first processing, and maintaining a Cold-Chain.

Cold storage – low temperature and 95% RH and robust air movement through the produce itself, not just around bins all require purpose-built equipment, thoroughly suited for your cold-storage job. Special refrigeration designs, special fans an venturis, PLC controls and more make the job easy. No different that any other piece of equipment you invest in and rely on every day.

KOOLJET Rooftop Air Handling Unit

Through-the-ROOF Air Handling Unit

Plug and Play Installation Icon
Energy Efficient Refrigeration Icon
Free Cooling Refrigeration Technology Icon

Cooling of Agricultural products can be energy intensive, especially during harvest when field-heat is highest. KOOLJET innovations substantially improve energy usage by having two independent refrigeration circuits in interleaved coils. This technique greatly improves coil effectiveness at part load. Further, we offer automatic FREE-COOLING when ambient temperature permits.

Hydrocooler Installed
KOOLJET Hydrocooler

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Kooljet Reliable Refrigeration Systems

KOOLJET Refrigeration Systems

Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

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