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Controlled Atmosphere CA Chiller
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CA Storage for Fruits and Vegetables

CA Cold Storage – Controlled Atmosphere

CA Cold-Storage for Fruits & Vegetables

Successful CA Cold-Storage (controlled atmosphere) for fruits and vegetables must include precise and deep control over temperature, humidity, gas exchange and tissue respiration rates. While temperature is certainly the single most important ingredient, to obtain a complete solution for maximum preservation of produce for the longest period of time, critical elements such as the levels of Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide and Ethylene must be tightly controlled and manipulated for maximum effect.

Fruit in CA Cold Storage

CA Cold Storage of Fruits using KOOLJET Through-the-WALL Cooling System

Controlled Growing Environments (CGE)

Similar to CA Cold-Storage, a Controlled Growing Environment adds the ingredients of light and shade cycles, irrigation and nutrition to temperature, heating, humidity and gas-exchange. Properly engineered, CGE systems use no soil and up to 95% less irrigation water in a footprint that supports very high yeilds, no pests, and assured harvests. Learn more

KOOLJET In-the-DUCT Cooling System for CA Cold Storage

KOOLJET In-the-Duct Cooling Systems cool the return air for the maximum control and energy efficiency

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Controlled Atmosphere Storage Considerations

Controlled Atmosphere Storage Considerations

Temperature – Humidity – Air-Flow – O2 / CO2 Exchange – Ethylene

KOOLJET embraces the full CA spectrum of cold-storage and leverage strategic relationships with leading technologies from around the world to deliver exacting solutions for our customers. Our CA Solutions include gas sensors and high quality, self-regenerating activate carbon CO2 absorbers combined with Nitrogen generators that work in concert with KOOLJET temperature and humidity equipment and controls to integrate all of the critical CA functions. The result is clear – Freshness, Nutrition, Yield, Reputation and Profits are Preserved.

Extended Freshness, Appearance and Nutrition – How We Do It

For the 134 Fruit and Vegatable Commodities detailed in the USDA Manuals, many have suggestions in how to acheive optimal long term storage by first assuring the correct target temperature and humidity ratio, and by adjusting levels of Oxygen, Carbon-Dioxide and Ethylene during storage. This research, along with the extensive field experience of KOOLJET and our technology partners allows KOOLJET customers to obtain exactly the right Controlled Atmosphere parameters to acheive maximum profits from the storage. For example, we know that plant tissues absorb Carbon Dioxide and discharge CO2 during normal respiration and each plant respires differently.

  • A KOOLJET CA System can assure the correct Target Holding Temperature is acheived at the correct Optimized Relative Humidity and Gas-Exchange Rate. Air Flow is engineered for outstanding coverage and designed to circulate air between the plants, not just around bozes and bins. Coils and Fans are designed together to avoid condensing conditions in the storage space. CA can utilize Air-Socks or similar air-distribution methods to help buffer the effect of air changes and the reduce the introduction of outside siources of Oxygen.
  • A KOOLJET CA System can reduce the negetive effects of CO2 buildup around plant tissues by our engineered air movement systems, and by passing the return air through high-quality active carbon, which binds the excess CO2 and prevents its return into the storage space. Self-regeneration and energy efficient designs.
  • A KOOLJET CA System can reduce available Oxygen and slow transpiration by using a nitrogen blanket that purges Oxygen from the well sealed space by displacing it in a controlled manner. Precise sensors and valves acheive correct Oxygen levels.
  • A KOOLJET CA System can facilitate Ethylene removal using environmentally friendly, chemical-free methods.

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