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Field Heat Removal Cooling Techniques

Field Heat Removal – How We Do It…

Field Heat Removal: A Critical First Step

Field heat removal is a critical first step to having the freshest, longest lasting produce, maximizing competitive positioning with downstream processors and markets. In the case of fragile berries, minutes can count. For most farm commodities, removing field heat IS the most critical step a farmer can take to preserve the harvest sellable weight, appearance, nutrition and farm profits.

The very revealing charts below are based on 2016 USDA data published here.

Vegetable rate of decay vs storage temperature graph
Value of lost cranberry commodity vs storage temperature graph

Five Methods

Methods for removing field heat depend on your commodity. There are FIVE primary methods. Click on the image below to view a full-size chart.

Hydrocooling Green Peas
KOOLJET Hydrocooler for field heat removal

KOOLJET Hydrocooler systems feature easy access panels to the copper tube coil assembly and filters for inspection and cleaning. They are built for rapid cooling in the adjacent Hydrocooling tunnel of spray heads.

KOOLJET features Blast-Freezers and Hydrocooling for field-heat cooling tasks. After pre-cooling, then transfer the produce to Cold-Storage using KOOLJET Through-the-WALL, Through-the-DOOR or other split system methods.

KOOLJET Through the DOOR Refrigeration

Contact KOOLJET to learn more about removing field heat from your particular farm produce.

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