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Hydrocooling Carrots
Hydrocooling Carrots in one-pass and ready for further processing
Hydrocooled Eggplant

Hydrocoolers & Hydrocooling – for Rapid Pre-Cooling of Produce

KOOLJET – The Leader in Hydrocooler Designs

KOOLJET is known as a technology leader in Hydrocooler designs for high capacity effective pre-cooling of hot produce. KOOLJET Hydrocoolers are designed to remove the field-heat of produce immediately upon reciept at a processing or storage facility and before it is transfered to further sorting and processing areas.

KOOLJET Hydrocooler

KOOLJET Hydrocoolers range from 20HP-250HP capacity.

The KOOLJET Hydrocooler

The KOOLJET Hydrocooler includes an enclosed conveyer made from hygenic surface materials. The conveyor speed is controlled according to the needed dwell time for the particular commodity and temperature. Inside the tunnel, chilled water is filtered and then briskly sprayed onto the hot produce as it travels to the end where it is gathered and put into bins or further conveyor transfered.

Hydrocooler Trailer

Bins of hot produce are loaded and cooled in one-pass,  then discharged inside this Hydrocooler Trailer.

Our Hydrocooling systems can be designed to accomodate bins of field-loaded produce instead of loose produce on the conveyor bed. However loose item hydrocooling is far more effective and provides a greater amount of field debris clearing.

Water is circulated across large mesh filters and a stainless steel dirt settlement area that are easily accessible for cleaning. Water then passes through massive copper tube refrigerant evaporator bundles that effectively cool the returning warm water and allow any remaining debris to flow through. The bundle design also facilitates cleanability better than straight fin designs.

Hydrocooling Refrigeration System located outside

Low-profile design provides easy access for cleaning.
In this hydrocooling system, the refrigeration system is outside, and the spray tunnel system is inside the building.

Truck Mounted Hydrocooler goes wherever rapid field-heat removal is needed

Hydrocoolers can be trailer mounted for ease of transportation to wherever harvests are occurring
and rapid field-heat cooling is required.

KOOLJET Hydrocoolers are easy to inspect, clean and service

KOOLJET Hydrocooler systems feature easy access panels to the copper tube coil assembly and filters for inspection and cleaning. They are built for rapid cooling in the adjacent Hydrocooling tunnel of spray heads.

4 Circuit Hydrocooler Coil

The heat exchanger and water passway is designed for accessibility for inspection and cleaning instead of inside a hard to access area.

Hydrocooling Green Peas

Best Produce for Hydrocooling

These fruits and vegetables are all are effectively pre-cooled using KOOLJET Hydrocooling:

Artichoke, Asparagus, Beet, Endive, Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cantaloupe, Cauliflower, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Eggplant, Escarole, Kiwi, Leek, Lima Beans, Orange, Parsley, Peas, Pomegranate, Spinach, Sweet Corn, and Watercress.

Five Methods for Field-Heat Cooling

Methods for removing field heat depend on your commodity. There are FIVE primary methods. Click on the image below to view a full-size chart.

Hydrocooling Green Peas

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