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KOOLJET Through-The-Wall Agricultural Refrigeration System Fan

Direct Coil – Custom Engineered Coils & Heat Transfer Products

Our Coil Manufacturer is also Our Affiliate Company – a Strategic Alliance with Benefits

KOOLJET and DIRECT COIL share commonality in direction, joint-engineering, specialty manufacturing and cost effiffectiveness. Priority access to coils and assemblies at direct OEM prices sets KOOLJET apart in our Agricultural marketplace.

KOOLJET and DIRECT COIL manufacture purpose-built refrigeration and water equipment including our unique DUAL-KOOL interleaved circuits. Hot-gas defrost, dehumidification, condenser coils and evaporator coils in our special configurations are always just a call away.

As a customer of KOOLJET products, this relationship and joint manufacturing and support capability passes value to the end product and long term satisfaction.

Specialty Coils for Agricultural Applications

Specialty Coils for Agricultural Applications include interleaving circuits, perfected fin pitch and materials of construction. Protective coating is factory applied.

Specialty Coil Coating

Specialty Coatings – specific to customer needs.

FLOW-COAT Protective Coating

FLOW-COAT – 10,000 Hour Rated Protective Coating
is factory applied and ready quickly.

Refrigeration Water Steam Coils and Systems

Coils in Progress – DIRECT COIL makes Refrigeration, Water and Steam Coils and Systems.


Cooling of Agricultural products can be energy intensive, especially during harvest when field-heat is highest. KOOLJET innovations substantially improve energy usage by having two independent refrigeration circuits in interleaved coils. This technique greatly improves coil effectiveness at part load. Further, we offer automatic FREE-COOLING when ambient temperature permits. Learn more

Coils in 24hrs
DIRECT COIL Manufacturing Facility
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Authorities in Cooling & Freezing of Perishables

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