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Through-the-WALL Freezing System
Through-the-WALL Freezing System
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Refrigeration & Air Movement for Food Freezing & Holding Room Systems

Deep-Freezing Meat & Fish

Foods such as meat, shrimp and fish products are often rapidly frozen using blast freezing rooms. KOOLJET manufactures the ultra-low setpoint high capacity refrigeration packages and low-temp high velocity blast freezing air-handlers designed to rapidly freeze products before they are transferred to longer term holding areas, where the demands on the refrigeration system and air movement devices are quite different.

Blast Freezing Systems Designs

During blast freezing, to effect complete product freezing and avoid localized freezing damage, the air movement is kept much higher and the amount of heat to be rejected must be accomplished in a short amount of time. Refrigeration designs must be complemented and supported by the air handlers inside the space. At KOOLJET, special coils from our coil partner Direct Coil, and specialty fans designed specifically for ultra-low temeparture operation are optimized for this critical processing step.

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Refrigeration for Ultra-Low Temperatures

Refrigeration for ultra-low Temperature operation are designed to customer requirements. KOOLJET has outstanding expertise in the cooling and freezing of many commodities and work with customers to understand the complete requirement and respond with the refrigeration and air handling packages that perform and last.

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Cooling & Freezing Go Hand-in-Hand

With our custom refrigeration specialty and outstanding coil quality, KOOLJET can easily provide cooling and freezing packages that work hand-in-hand with your pre-cooling, product cooling and freezing requirements.

Self-contained and split units and remote air handlers for cooling and freezing of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs, meat and fish are available from KOOLJET.

PLC Control System

PLC Control Systems provide precise operation and remote access.

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